Greco di Tufo Docg

Goleto and Gulielmus are inspired to a magical place, wrapped in light and mystery: the Goleto Abbey.
The abbey was built in the XII century by Saint William (Gulielmusin latin); partially destroyed by the earthquake in 1980,
Goleto preserved its timeless beauty and remains today an emblem of Irpinia.
Through their iconic names, these two wines celebrate the magic and the authentic heritage of Irpinia.

Greco Grapes originate from selected vines within a 2,5 ha parcels in the San Paolo area – within Tufo town – and namely in the contrade Cicogna, Laura e Nassano. Here the vineyards, over 30 years old, grow near to sulphureous mines and are cultivated following different historic methods, still largely preserved.

Harvest is hand made and generally happens between the first and the second decade of October, depending from vintage characteristics. Fermentation happens in stainless steel tanks; then, for the following year, 80% of the cuvee is aged in gently roasted tonneaux and the remaining 20% in amphora. Then, for another year, the wine rests in the bottle before release.

Grapes: Greco
Appelation: Greco di Tufo DOCG
Ha: 2,5
Yeld: 50%
Altitude: between 300 and 400 m slm
Exposure: Sud /Sud-Est
Age of the vines: from 25 to 35 years
Town: Tufo
Fraction of the municipality: San Paolo
Contrade: Nassano, Laura e Cicogna
Number of bottles: around 6,000

technical sheet

Vintage released

Number of bottles: 5,994
After a relatively mild winter, the snow came unexpectedly in April, thus reducing significantly yields.
The summer was hotter than average, resulting in an increased concentration of the grape.
The harvest season was wonderful, with very limited rainfall. The Goleto vineyard was harvested on October 10th.
Powerful, tasty, surprising.

Number of bottles: xxxx chiedere a Sara cosa c’è scritto sulle etichette (dovrebbero essere 6,006 bottiglie e x magnums)
Overall a regular vintage for Irpinia, with a very cold winter and three different snowfalls.
The spring was hotter than average while in the summer temperatures remained below the previous year peaks.
The harvest season was regular. The Goleto vineyard was harvested on October 14th.
Intense, complex, elegant.